Enfòme Inc. serves as a marketing platform to help showcase companies, organizations’ and educational institutions’ corporate and social responsibilities project initiative in Haiti and various U.S. cities where there are a large Haitian community based. It is achieved by conducting live educational empowerment events. 


Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable of the Haitian community.  We help philanthropic organizations/foundations and companies to support effective projects and programs of Haitian based organizations. In addition, we aim to provide the following:
• Insight Analysis of the Haitian nonprofit sector
• Understanding of the Haitian Culture
• Identify social programs for potential social investments
• Establishing trusted relationships


At Enfòme, our community comes first in everything we do. We strongly believe in equity, that’s why we are always ready to represent our people’s interest at the table.  We’ve designed a systemic approach that addresses strategy, organizational structure, and leadership skills and other tools needed to help our community advance.


Our multidisciplinary teams are working across sectors to promote diversity and inclusion and to help reduce the negative mindset bias toward Haiti and Haitian nonprofit organizations.